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Akachii is an Online Café we blend Great Tasting Organic Whole-leaf Teas, for your enjoyment and health, because drinking Tea is one of the Healthiest things that you can do for your Soul and Body.

A cup of Akachii Tea combined with YaYalicious raw Sugar or Honey is a small treat day or night and a simple Therapeutic way to destress.

The way Akachii Teas are experienced with our Signature Tea bag and Tea Stick makes drinking our Teas a Beautiful, Unique & Artful


Our Teas are ALL about relationships, first our relationship with our Farmers. We only buy from Organic- Fair for Life Farmers

that leads to our relationship to you our customer that leads to your relationship with your Friends & Family over an age old custom of a shared cup of Tea.

Please enjoy browsing our Whole-site. Check out our Tea Diva Collection for that Special

one-of-a-kind Beautiful & Fun Tea gift for yourself or a friend.

We are ALL trying to Live more Balanced Lives so It’s All about Making Right Now Alright!

It'll take practice, but it's worth it, Here are some Tips:

  • Live in the moment. Slow down appreciate the beauty in this moment.

  • Stay Healthy- A healthy Mind, Body and Spirit is key. Treat yourself to the Gift of Your Own attention.

  • Be Grateful. This can be difficult at times, but focusing on the positive things about your Life will increase your happiness.

  • Pray, Meditation, Dream, Travel…. We all need some time to go "within".

  • Be true to yourself. Live out Your Purpose with Passion.

“Happiness is a choice that requires effort at times.” ~Aeschylus

Yesterday is gone and Tomorrow is not promised. We only have "Right Now."

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