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Tea Diva


       Designed to Impress

​​ ​                  
              Akachii Tea Diva Gift Set:        

Signature Teabags & Tea Stick

2oz Akachii Whole-leaf Tea

2oz YaYalicious Raw Sugar

Hang tag with Tea & Sugar Type

Gift Card

Tea Diva Collection Motto is:


    Sophisticated for Your Man

            Elegant & Unique Gift
           How you prepare the Tea:
           Add Akachii Tea to Teabag
           Add  YaYalicious Raw Sugar

           Pour Hot water directly over Tea 

           Cover & Steep for 3 to 5 minutes

           Lift Teabag out and discard

     Learn how to "Fill Your Own Cup"


Simply a Sweet Treat & Gift


 Tea is a Symbol of “Self-care”


    Akachii took something ordinary                         and elevated  it to a

       “Memorable Experience."

       Have Fun, Celebrate You in a

          "Divinely Delicious Way"

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