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Tea Accessories

     Artist Nicolle Kobe Tea Mugs

A high-quality two-tone mug featuring the art of Nicholle Kobi. 

Friendship is one of the most sacred things we can find.

The mug's exterior is white and interior is yellow.

The mug contains the following phrase on the back:

                             "Sister Friends"

               Great Friendship Gift!

         Signature Tea Bags

One Cup Tea Filters a popular choice for Whole-leaf Teas. 

Simply fill with Tea and insert Tea Stick 


Place on Cup then pour Hot water over Tea leaves

Allow Tea to Infuse, then Lift Tea stick out when done.


               Enjoy Your Tea! 

​​             Signature Tea Sticks


I'm a Akachii Signature Tea Stick.  I am Sold in a variety of Colors and Styles.


I am like the Artist brush adding Style, Beauty, Art & fun to your Tea Drinking Experience.

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