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YaYalicious Raw Orange Sugar

Bright citrus taste like  “a spoonful of Sunshine.”  The Taste and Scent of sweet fresh squeezed Oranges, oh so good.  Sprinkle on fresh Fruit.  Great sweetener for Tea.   


Ingredients: Raw Sugar, Orange zest,

Raw Orange Sugar

SKU: 0010
  • YaYalicious Raw Sugars are custom blended in small batches using superior ingredients.  YaYalicious Sugars can be used to enhance the flavor of drinks, vegetables, marinades & sauces of any kind.


    Great on Cookies, Cakes, Ice Cream Fruits, or Salads.   There is really no wrong way to use YaYalicious Sugars, so be as creative as you want to be. 


    Also Wonderful and Beautiful for rimming drinking glasses.


    A cup of Akachii Tea combined with YaYalicious Raw Sugar is a small treat Day or Night, a small thing that can bring you Joy everyday.


    •  YaYalicious Sugar Gift Set:

          Variety Four Pack 1oz each Sugar Gift Set.

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